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Vinyl bib
Our reusable adult vinyl bib

Even though there are many types of bibs available for adults, admittedly some better than others, we found none were especially well suited to feeding or for use as dribble bibs.

Typical adult material bibs would get damp quickly from spilt food and liquid and during long feeding times, this can cause skin irritation to the wearer. Any dropped food would also tumble off the bib and on to the wearer’s clothing or chair causing extra cleaning.

We have a range of reusable vinyl bibs for adults which are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They instantly repel any moisture keeping clothing clean and dry. Some also have crumb catchers which catch any dropped food debris keeping everything clean. Our bibs are also especially useful for wheelchair users who may not be able to get as close to the dining table as they need.

They are ideal for day-to-day home use but because they are foldable, can easily be packed for travelling.

Our bibs have been designed not only with the wearer in mind, but also the carer. With people who require assistance at eating time, the carer will find that the bib keeps wearers and their surroundings clean and dry.

As well as being highly practical and functional, we wanted to make sure our bibs were also stylish and did not infantilize the wearer. We feel we have designed something which looks smart and subtle when worn

Our bibs are designed for disabled adults, those with special needs and the elderly. They are also suitable for older children.

Visit our online shop or feel free to contact us should you require any further information. We would also love to hear any feedback you may have about our bibs.